Money in Blogging - What am I doing with my Earnings?

Written on 7:31 PM by Mai

this post was inspired by my Big Bro MichaelWong's comment on my kookaboo blog few days ago. It started when I commented on his blog and mentioned that I am busy these past few days and sharing that i am doing a bit well on making money online.

@hey sis, thanks for stopping by. I updated my blogroll with all your new links. Keep them coming. I'll add as many as you have because 1) i love link exchanges 2) you're a wonderful person. WOW! You have been crazy busy and I am so happy to hear that blogging and posting has been paying off nicely for you. So what do you do with the money? Do you go shopping? Do you spend it on fancy gadgets? Most of my money is spent on restaurants and clothes. I really should start saving. I'm going to start making the rounds at your other blogs and learn something. Cheers and keep smiling smiley. -mw38

hmmm... what do I actually do with my earnings??? Honestly as far as I remember, when I started earning online for the first few months, I just did nothing... I want to save this money, that's the very thing that's stuck on my head.

But after few months again, I just realized that I'm earning a bit well and I must enjoy and reward my self for the hard work, so I started to withdraw from my account. I don't know the exact date on which I started to withdraw from my account but thanks to Paypal that they have this history on which you can view your account activity up from your very first earnings up to now. I receive all my earnings from Paypal. So if you are planning to work online, better sign up in Paypal now!

According to my Paypal history, I got my very first payment on Feb. 7, 2008 which is $44.40 USD. Then it was on May 16, 2008 when I started to withdraw. From February up to May, I had $369.70 on my Paypal account. But I just withdraw $180 from it, haha... I'm afraid that I could spend all of it so I just get the half from it.

So what did I do? I ate outside with my friends, I treat them of course, buy some clothes... some make ups?? haha... but I'm really careful not to spend so much.

At present, I have more money of course, I will share the details on my next posts, on how much I have on my account now and others. And now that I have more money, I spend most of them buying some groceries for our house, some clothes, foot wear, and treating my family and friends outside. Actually I'm spending more for others than for my self, I just don't know but it's what I am, kindhearted and very giving...*ehem. :D

I think twice and even thrice before I buy myself something but when others are in need I don't think twice to be able to help them. For me I've spend a lot already but I still have more on my account. So I'm still thinking of my plans in the future on where should I spend this money, wisely... Fancy Gadgets? No Big Bro, I just had my laptop (my moms gift for passing my local board exam) and 2 cellphones. I'm not into gadgets really. :D

I just thought of this: as for my short term goal, next month I would like to customize my laptop through Gmask since my laptop's cover looks bad already, I don't know what happened, it looks like a moist or something, I tried everything to get rid of it but i really can't. That's why I want to put a gmask on the cover, that's around $50-60 I guess... I'm really excited now.. :D

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  1. Michael Wong 38 |

    Hey Sis, you have 2 cellphones??!! Lucky! I really want to get a HTC or Nokia internet phone, but I'm cheap too. I don't want to spend the money. You asked me where I've been, well I was busy taking care of my parents and also making the move to Hong Kong. Yup, I'm blogging from Hong Kong right now. As for your post, after I read I was inspired to work harder. I've really let my blogging slide in the past couple of weeks. But now that I've done moving and settled down, I can start having fun blogging again. Thanks for setting a good example. Oh and your friends are really lucky to have you as a friend. Take it easy breezy cutie. M

  2. Michael Wong 38 |

    oh i almost forget, if you started new blogs, tell me k? so I can update my blogroll with your new stuff. :)

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  4. Toto |

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