How to Hide Blog Title and Blog Description

Written on 12:32 AM by Mai

As you can see in this blog's template, it's blog header and description is customized, actually it is an image file, which i made in adobe, I just started learning how to customize header images.

As we bloggers, we know that blog title and description is important for search optimization, title and description tags are one of those that are used by search engines to index your blog. But sometimes we want to make the most out of our templates that we customize our header, and so we must hide the blog title and description to be able to finalize our headers well.

Now, even if you customize your header maybe you'll experience that blog title and its description is still there overlapping on each other. As you can See on the images below, image no. 1 is the original header (has a blog title and description), followed by image 2 which as you can see, header background and blog title are overlapping on each other, and image 3 as all clear, Blog Title and Blog Description is hidden already.

How to Hide Blog Title and Blog Description:

there are two ways that I could share to you: don't forget to back up your template

1. Find this code in your edit html subtab of the layout tab in blogger.
(this may vary, sometimes its " .title h1{ or .title h2{ "

#header h1 {
margin:0 auto 0px;
padding:50px 0px 0px 200px;
font: $pagetitlefont;
text-align: left;
display:none; ◄ ------then insert this line here

display:none; (our code)

this also goes with the subtitle or description
#header .description {
margin-left: 200px;
line-height: 1.2em;
font: $descriptionfont;
color: $descriptioncolor;
text-align: left;
display:none; ◄ ------then insert this line here

2. another way to hide title and description is to change the title's color to match the background.
you can do it, by going to Layouts- then Fonts and Colors sub tab, there you can choose the blog title color and description.

hope it helps
more blogging tips to come...

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