Not Satisfied with your Template??? Go find a Solution..

Written on 2:32 PM by Mai

I find this beautiful template for my Other site Bloom and Shine | Beauty Tips. I really liked its design but there are few things that I don't like about this template. One is that it is not that wide enough, and side bar is actually on the left. I did a little bit of experiment, just try my luck if I could put the side bar on the right side.

How did I change my side bar from left to right:

go to your edit html tab on layouts and find the /*-- (sidebar wrapper) --*/  codes  specifically like this code below: it might be not exactly the same, make sure to preview the outcome of every change after you save.

#sidebar1 {
    float:left; --- change to right! (float:right;)

Then your all set. Preview to make sure it has changed from left to right.

How to make your template more wider.

This is one is a bit difficult. I just did some experimentation to be able to get the right and wanted size of my template. Again I tried to manipulate the codes. I find the URL/Links of the images of the template, edit it in adobe, I made the size wider, from 600+ to 1000, and save in on my own account in photobucket and replace the links with my newly edited images.


Its really difficult and would take much of your time but with your patience and perseverance you can actually find solutions. Just don't be afraid to try for your self, just be careful then you'll succeed. One of my wishes is to have a site of blogger templates, I just learned how to use adobe in editing templates and i think I'm doing well, just a little bit more experience then I can actually make my own template and build a site about it. Can't wait.. hihi...


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