Where to find natural diet pills ?

Written on 8:36 PM by Mai

Natural diet pills are mainly over the counter diet pills. So, you do not need to go see your doctor before you can directly purchase them. Natural means also they do not come from large pharmaceutical laboratories that will spend millions on advertising and marketing.

What you will never find in prescription diet pills is hoodia or fat binders like opuntia ficus indica. Good examples of natural diet pills are proactol or uniquehoodia. Uniquehoodia is only made of 100% pure hoodia extract, while Proactol key ingredient is the opuntia ficus indica, a natural complex able to bind fat before they pass through your digestive tract and could be stored as fatty tissues.

Natural diet pills are however not cheap. Indeed,  plants like hoodia or opuntia ficus takes time to grow and must be harvested carefully. Moreover, they are protected by international laws, and a country like South Africa has very restrictive laws concerning the usage of hoodia and who can obtain licenses to grow and harvest such a plant.

This is why natural diet pills are also sometimes well safer than prescription diet pills, and thus generally come without side effects : do you remember the “poopy pants” effect of Alli ?