Money in Blogging - My Introduction

Written on 11:58 PM by Mai

What am I busy about these days? I'm blogging... doing my job, earning for a living.. My friends would ask me sometimes, what are you busy at these days? Blogging again?? Yup, Yeah right... They may have a lot of questions in mind. What is she blogging about? She said she's earning, how was it possible?

Blogging =is equal to= Money! Dollars! :)
"I've been a witness" + "I've experienced it myself"

But how??? Okay okay, to make it short, a good friend, my exboyfriend, i'm dead meat if he was able to read this, nyahaha... he introduced me to blogging, anyways he is a "webmaster" and earns well online, blogging is a part of it. I am also a computer person, i always explore, surf and was easy to learn new things. When he introduced me to blogging, I got interested, this is new... this is fun, and blogging became my past time. For couple of months I just do blogging, writing posts, meeting co-bloggers and all that, trying to explore more... I know, coz my good friend has already told me that i could earn through blogging but at first I was not really interested, maybe a bit but i need more inspiration and courage, coz' i really think that i can't make it.

As i was blog hopping around seeing blogs of few people, I learn that you can really make money through blogging, seeing different posts on how they got hteir first earnings, and seeing those widgets and banners of "Get Paid to Blog" and all that, this motivated me to start learning and doing this type of job. And so I started and doing this until now.

More posts about my blogging journey soon.. :p

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