Money in Blogging - Introduction2 - (My Actual Earnings) Revealed!!!

Written on 7:57 PM by Mai

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I just then thought of how much did I actually earn since I started working online, I think my blogging addiction has been a year now BUT I started to try working online just this year, this was based on my Paypal history. My very first earning was on Feb. 7, 2008, which is $44.40, not bad huh? This earning came from SMORTY, yup... I got them from this service, was active at this times but now, maybe they are lacking advertisers already due to increasing number of paid posting services. But if you have luck, it's not to late for you to sign up now in Smorty - (HERE)

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Now, I thought of calculating all my earnings since I started blogging and share it to you guys!!! yup!!! I hope you'll be inspired and work more harder after reading this posts. Okay, let's stop on making you guys waiting. My calculations, based on my paypal account history from february of this year was around $2000 already, I was a bit surprised after computing all my payments received, specifically from advertisers and company, I can't imagine that I already have this money just by blogging. I didn't finish a computer course and I just started blogging this year, that's why I should say that i truly am proud of myself.

Of course I don't have that specific amount on my pocket now, I do spend you know. For food, shopping, stuffs, buying domains, even donations, and many more.... But I don't have to worry, I know how to save so I still have more on my savings. Now that Christmas is near, my family will surely have gifts from me. Stay put on my upcoming posts. Aside from Smorty, where did I get my earnings??? Will be posting that soon... :)

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