Smorty… Still Alive??? No more Opps!

Written on 11:42 PM by Mai

I’m still thinking of what happened to our dear smorty, its been a long time since I got my very last assignment from them, what the heck happened? Actually not so long ago, smorty has one of my paid review services that made me earn a lot.. I have two accounts in smorty. First account I had $62.40 earnings and the second has $74.40 earnings. Not bad isn’t it? That’s why I became so annoyed when they stop giving opportunities. And few friends of mine has the same experience with smorty.. is it lack of advertisers due to a large competition of paid review services? I really don’t know but I just hope they would be back to give their bloggers more opportunities, they must work on it because they already created a good name and so they must continue doing their work.. to make advertisers and bloggers happy…..

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