Nurses are still in demand (as of 2008)

Written on 3:23 PM by Mai

I've read some articles stating that nurses are still indemand in different countries. True enough that Filipino Nurses are increasing as well but some don't have necessary skills needed to be called a true nurse. - "According to Roque, Saudi Arabia alone is looking for Filipino nurses to fill in 10,000 vacancies in its public hospitals. And also, side from the oil-rich state, he said demand for nurses were also growing in Canada and Australia. " But some says that demand for nurses declines as compared on past years.

Here in the Philippines, the scenario is different, College Schools are crowded by nursing students which adds to a flock of nurses present. It's a well known fact that mostly, you needed 2 years experience in your country to be able to work abroad, this results to unemployed nurses because of difficulty entering a certain institution because they are filled with staff nurses, even as a volunteer, it's really difficult to have a slot. They don't want wards to be filled up with nurses. Well it's really needed for nurses to work hard on finding a good job.

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