I'm InDemand

Written on 12:03 AM by Mai

I graduated as a nursing student, just passed the local board exams and soon, will have an oath taking and will be getting my license after that. Really Exciting! But the truth was, I really didn't want this course, my mom just want me to since nurses are in demand all over the world and salary is really high especially if you work abroad (not here in the Philippines). So, as a good and loving child, I did take this course and was able to work on it nicely. More exams to come to be able to work abroad like NCLEX, CGFNS, TOEFL and others, i don't know if i have to take this all, maybe if there would be someone abroad that will get me, like direct hiring or others, I could go abroad that easy. News is all over that nurses are really indemand in different countries like Australia and in States. I trully hope that I could be able to go abroad soon and Earn a living. :)

P.S. Welcome to my New Blog... Happy Reading... :)

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