Blogging = Money

Written on 11:52 PM by Mai

It started when a friend introduced me to blogging. I started blogging as a form of hobby but after some time, I started to do some explorations and realized that blogging could be a sort of an income, not much but you can have more if you give so much effort. Soon and I started to monetize my blog, made another blog and made another one and another one.... Later I just realized that I became addicted to blogging. Maybe because I'm really a computer person and I'm really frustrated when I went into being a nursing student instead rather that went into a computer course. I have no choice, my mom wants me to. Anyways, I do explore things on my own so I really don't have that knowledge in terms those SEO stuffs, building traffics, designs, etc... etc.. But I am really trying hard to explore and learn by my self. There are many helpful sites there for bloggers on which they provide blogging tips that is really helpful to bloggers like me and you. So I just hope that I could learn more and do more on my blogs... Have a nice day everyone!

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